menthol-light cigarettes

Facts about menthol-light cigarettes and smoking

Here are some facts about menthol-light cigarettes and menthol that you should be aware of. Smokers believe that menthol-light cigarettes are not as harmful as “regular” or “full-flavored” cigarettes and therefore choose “low-tar”, “light” or “light” cigarettes because they believe they are less harmful. Women smoke this type of cigarette more than men, mainly because

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Light Cigarettes

Light Cigarettes Menthol Facts

Light Cigarettes Menthol Facts Here are some Light Cigarettes Menthol Facts realities that you ought to know about.Light and Menthol Cigarettes Facts Smoking accept that cigarettes are not as destructive as “normal” or “full-flavor” cigarettes.  Accordingly, they pick “low-tar,” “gentle,” or “light” cigarettes since they think they are less hurtful. A larger number of ladies

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