Famous Female of Cigar Smoking

We’ve all Famous Female of Cigar Smoking heard the saying “It’s a man’s world.” While this may be the case in some areas (expert football building sites Y DNA) it is certainly not true in all areas; sometimes you have to look a little closer to discover the girl within the hobby of smoking. Cigars for example can seem like a masculine past. This is particularly factual when it derives to Hollywood famous female. From Grouch Marx to Rat Pack from Milton Berle to George Burns many famous cigar smoking are men. However the wraps are adorn with traces of lipstick not all famous cigar smokers are men.

Famous Female

Famous Female

It ignites in a celebration famous female of all things made of sugar and spices and all the stylish more and more Hollywood women are securing roles as cigar-loving ladies. Linda Evangelist: A Canadian supermodel Evangelist is known as one of the fashion industry famous female pioneers smoking of the 1980s and 1990s.

Worldwide Obsession Famous Female

The Trinity along with Christ Burlington and Naomi Campbell recognize Evangelist as one of the sparks that ignite the worldwide obsession for modeling. She is known both famous female for smoking cigarettes and for her dramatic hairstyles. In 1995 she became the first woman to appear on the cover of Cigar Aficionado.

Cigar Aficionado Famous Female

Dem Moore: Originally known for her roles in teen-eccentric movies Moore has become one of Hollywood’s leading actresses famous female smoking. She from movies like Ghost and G.I. Jane she has made a name for herself on screen. From the screen she has been the subject of controversy on one occasion. Whether from posing nude during pregnancy or her marriage to a much younger man Moore has become the target of the tabloids. But she has act with grace and perseverance and has refuse to apologize for her decisions. She was an avid cigar smoker famous female for years and appear on the cover of Cigar Aficionado in 1996.

Media Speculation Famous Female

Sharon Stone: Pebble is hail and scorn for her performances of smoking she has receive all from a Golden Sphere to a Frazier. Former fashion model Star Search winner she became an actress and producer. She has been in the spotlight for decades famous female. She garner attention when she model nude for Playboy in 1990 and came back to attention when (she almost model nude) she film a notorious scene from the movie Basic Instinct in 1992. Although there is some media speculation famous female that she is no longer a smoker. Stone was feature on the cover of Cigar Aficionado in 2004.

Famous Female was Eventually Smoking Cigar

Susan Lucio: Lucio was originally known for her role in All My Children and was eventually known for being famous female lady who couldn’t catch an Emmy during the day smoking. Between 1978 and 1998. She was nominate for 18 awards but was unable to win any. This made her jump at the joke among some members of the media. Finally in 1999 the joke end when famous female smoking won a long-await Daytime Emmy.

Common Misconception

Not Smoking

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