Cigar Smoking and Guitar Boxes

Music and Cigar Smoking and Guitar Boxes are not something that you normally identify with each other. In fact cigars are pretty much the last type of smoke I think of when I turn on the radio. If I listen to Ryan Adams I imagine him on stage surround by a gray cloud guitar boxes with a cigarette smoking hanging from his mouth. If I listen to Bing Crosby I imagine his white Christmas also involves a black tube.

And if I listen guitar boxes to Willie Nelson I think of a type of smoking that will definitely make you hungry after a few Kenny Rogers toasters. However cigars don’t normally smoking cross me when I think of music. It turns out that this is a mistake on my part: the cigars or rather their guitar boxes contain some of the true roots of music.

Guitar Boxes

Guitar Boxes

Homemade Guitar Boxes

Cigar box guitars are homemade guitar boxes where the use smoking cigar boxes serve as a resonator that echoes the vibrations that cause the sound. Use by many poor musicians these instruments will always have a place in song history. In fact smoking book guitars date back to the 19th century.

Before 1840 according to National Tobacco Museum curator Dr. Tony Hyman not cigars ship in boxes but large guitar boxes that can hold more than 100 cigars smoking at a time. These boxes turn out to be too large in size for efficient shipping and were eventually downgrade. To smaller guitar boxes that could hold far fewer sticks. And then the cigar smoking box was born.

Artist Working on Guitar Boxes

Around the time cigarette boxes appear so did smoking – people from all walks of life left their cigarette boxes behind and empty in the process. Collect by innovators and creators these empty cigar boxes were quickly transform into guitar boxes, banjos and violins. Unbeknownst to them at the time these instruments would soon give those who were too poor to give a guitar a chance to experiment musically.

The first known instrument for smoking cigar boxes is believe to have been devise during the Civil War. This is base on the discovery of a drawing by Edwin Forbes a French artist guitar boxes working for the EU Army. This drawing shows two soldiers sitting around a campfire one watching the other play the violin from a cigar box.

Cigar Book and Guitar Boxes

In times of poverty smoking cigar box instruments especially cigar book guitar boxes began to flourish. Both the blues movement and the emergence of pitching bands are believe to have been facilitate at least in part by cigar guitar boxes and the Great Depression. That left so many people out of work and out of work became a catalyst. for these homemade instruments.

In those days many people couldn’t afford guitar boxes so they just made their own smoking. Using cigar boxes mesh wire and broomsticks as well as everything they could find countless children made instruments to play. Since these instruments were made by so many different people they had many different varieties. Some smoking cigar guitar boxes had one string others had three or four. Some had ties around the neck some did not.  Are also have some of the creators built.

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