Cigar Reasons We Should Not Smoking

A Cigar Reasons We Should Not Smoking as only poses a threat to the health of the user; it also threatens the life of second-hand smokers those who inhale smoke from what someone else smokes. A cigar is a roll of drip tobacco leaves that people smoke like cigar reasons. It is usually larger than a cigarette and is not wrap in paper. The danger it poses to human health is the same as that of cigarettes as both contain tar nicotine and various other impurities. The health hazard it poses far outweighs any benefit.

Cigar Reasons

Cigar Reasons

You should avoid cigarettes if you want to have optimal health and last a long time. Some of the reasons why it should be avoid cigar reasons include. Chronic Bronchitis: Smoking causes chronic bronchitis (chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes). The toxic substances it contains weaken the cilia of the upper respiratory tract thus exposing the individual to recurrent respiratory infections. Over time the infections spread to the bronchial tubes and cause acute bronchitis for cigar reasons for smoking. When this is not manage well chronic bronchitis occurs.

Cigar Reasons Development of Lung Cancer

Emphysema Pulmonary emphysema occurs as a result of recurrent respiratory diseases; leads to abnormal dilation of the alveolar and then blistering on the surface of the lung after rupture cigar reasons of the intermediate walls of the alveolar. The individual experiences shortness of breath after smoking and this can be made worse with exertion.

Lung Cancer Chemicals in cigarettes cigar reasons for change the cellular structure of the lung and thus lead to the development of lung cancer. Once this condition is diagnose the person usually does not last more than 2 years ago smoking. You experience severe pain in the chest area shortness of breath  extreme fatigue and sometimes a cough.

Stroke Cigar Reasons

Stroke Smoking often aggravates pre-existing arteriosclerosis. Small blood vessels in the brain may rupture as blood strengthens through them. When this happens the individual suffers a stroke cigar reasons or a stroke with loss of sensation or paralysis on the side of the body opposite the injury.

Cancer of the mouth and throat: The chemicals or hydrocarbons in tobacco also cause cancer of the lips cheeks tongue and larynx cigar reasons. Surgical surgery to remove these cancer cells can damage the vocal cords and cause loss of voice – they can also be embarrassing smoking.

Cigar Reasons and Hydrochloride Acid

Heart disease Toxic substances in cigars can lead to heart disease such as pericarditis. Recurring respiratory infections and chronic bronchitis can also lead to congestive heart failure cigar reasons.

Gastric ulcer: Nicotine reduces mucus secretion in the gastrointestinal tract and allows the diffusion of acid to the mucous: and in turn leads to automatic digestion of the mucous smoking. This automatic digestion exposes more of the intestine to the effect of gastric acid cigar reasons and hydrochloride acid.

Bladder Cancer: Chemical wastes from cigars are excrete through the kidneys.

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Enjoying Cigar Smoking

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